Must-Haves – First 8 Weeks with a Newborn (Sleeping)

As an overly organized and very eager mom-to-be, when I was pregnant I did extensive research on what everyone was buying and what we really needed vs what was more of a luxury. This post is about our experience during the first 8 weeks of life with a newborn – what worked for us may not work for you, and what I deem to be a luxury may end up being a necessity for you!


Fisher Price Comfy Time Bouncer – This is what Baby E slept in for the first 3 weeks of her life! We left the toy attachment off and put in one of those little inserts that are meant for car seats to support her head and she slept so soundly. Since she was little there was no need to strap her in, so we laid down a soft blanket for her too. I think the shape of the chair made her feel snug and safe, while the bassinet at that point was just too roomy. The calming vibrations feature was also a big plus for us – it helped to get her into the habit of putting herself to sleep as I would lay her in there while she was getting sleepy, and the vibrations would soothe her to sleep. Now that she’s older (9 weeks) and more interactive, if she’s happy I’ll put her in the chair and attach the toys and she’ll entertain herself for a good amount of time, leaving me to make the dinner or pump milk or do whatever else needs doing. If we’re going to a friend’s house or if I’m leaving her at someone’s house while I’m at work we’ll take it with us as it’s pretty easy to throw in the car!

Fisher Price Comfy Time Bouncer
We even took the bouncer to Granny’s camper at the lake!

Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper – I found this on a blog somewhere and really liked the look of it.  When Baby E was first born and we were using the bouncer for her to sleep in we didn’t use this one at all. As a newborn (and she was a pretty big newborn – 8.5lbs and 21in!) it seemed to swallow her up a little. Then as she got a little bigger (around 3 weeks) we decided to put her down in it for a nap and it was wonderful! The shape is so perfect as she doesn’t feel like she is totally out in the open, but she can still stretch out pretty well. I think this is a great transitional item to move towards her sleeping in her crib at night. We use this exclusively at night time so that she knows it’s time to sleep and not just nap, and then we occasionally use the bouncer during the day for naps still. It’s been really handy having both of these (the sleeper and the bouncer) so that she can get used to sleeping in different things and places. I L-O-V-E the way that this thing folds up – so handy! Since we have such crazy schedules and just take her along to wherever we’re going, the fact that it’s easy to carry around is a major bonus. Another nice little feature is that if she starts fussing and waving her arms or kicking, it rocks with her movements so she essentially rocks herself back to sleep!

Baby E in her Rock n Play Sleeper
Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper

Swaddle Me by Summer Infant – When we first brought Baby E home, we thoroughly enjoyed swaddling her up in our own blankets/muslins and I actually completely forgot that we even had this! I bought it at a consignment event and put it somewhere in the nursery – out of sight, out of mind! I finally remembered that we had it when she was about 6 weeks old. Although it looks somewhat like a straight jacket, babies absolutely love these! It takes so much less time to put on than wrapping them up yourself and it is much harder to break out of. We only use this at night (again, trying to get her to associate certain things with nighttime vs nap-time) and she on the nights that she has slept without waking up once, it has been when she’s bundled up in this. Some bloggers swear that you need two or three but honestly, one is plenty for us!

Swaddle Me by Summer Infant
Swaddle Me by Summer Infant

Let me know what your sleeping must-haves are, whether you’re a new mom or have children that are all grown up, I’d love to hear from you! Comment on this post or send me a message.

Must-Haves – First 8 Weeks with a Newborn (Sleeping)

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