Free e-book from Grace Full Mama

I have been following the Grace Full Mama blog for over a year, even before I found out I was pregnant! I was fascinated by what she and her family were involved with in Indonesia and I could relate somewhat as when I was a child my parents moved us to South Africa (having lived in England and America previously) so I am familiar with living abroad and the challenges that arise. I loved seeing it through a wife/mother’s eyes and also enjoyed her devotional-style posts. I actually learnt a lot from her about marriage and motherhood. I received an email this morning because she posted an update (the first one since March) and at the very bottom of her post on my email was a link to download her e-book, Cultivating a Heart for Motherhood. I hadn’t seen this before but I downloaded it, printed it out, and can’t wait to get stuck in! As a new mother I am eager to learn as much as possible from other moms on their pursuit of godliness and I will probably read a chapter every morning during ‘mommy-time’ (I wake up at 5:30am to have some time to read my bible, eat my breakfast, drink copious amounts of coffee etc.)

Click here to download this free e-book!

Free e-book from Grace Full Mama

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