Baby Product Review – Baby Banz Earmuffs

Being musicians and heavily involved in various events as well as experiencing relatively loud contemporary music on a Sunday morning at church, this product was an absolute must-have for us with Baby E. I haven’t labeled it as such because some of you may not need these at all!

Baby Banz Mini Earmuffs
Baby Banz Mini Earmuffs

Babies are extra sensitive to sound and their hearing can be damaged a lot easier than grown ups, so with our lifestyle and the fact that we like as much as possible to take Baby E with us rather than have someone babysit her at home we knew we had to find a way to protect her little ears! Chris’ hearing is damaged from many years of going to concerts with his dad (who is also a musician) as a child, so we want to prevent that as much as we can with E!

After doing some research, I decided to go with Baby Banz. They don’t cut out the noise altogether, they just reduce the levels of noise that are harmful to hearing. The size we bought were the Mini’s, as babies 3 months and older can safely wear those. She wears them on the tightest setting so they will grow with her. The price was extremely reasonable ($30) and they are extremely comfortable – they don’t squeeze her head too tight and are nicely cushioned. She doesn’t really seem to notice that she’s wearing them. In fact, the first time we put them on her she sat on the stage during band rehearsal with monitors and amps blaring, right in between a pair of subs and fell straight to sleep in no time. We couldn’t be more pleased with them and recommend them to everyone who feels the need to protect their kids’ hearing (they would work great on a loud boat, at the shooting range, various sporting events etc).

Baby E during band rehearsal on the stage
Baby E during band rehearsal on the stage


Baby Product Review – Baby Banz Earmuffs

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