Must-Haves – 3 Months Old!

 This post is about our experience with our 3 (or 4) month old – what worked for us may not work for you, and what I deem a necessity may seem like a luxury for you (or vice versa!)


Vulli Sophie Giraffe Teether – Baby E absolutely LOVES this! It’s the perfect size for her to hold onto, and her favorite thing to chew on is Sophie’s nose! One time we thought we’d dropped Sophie in Walmart and absolutely panicked (we found her under the front seat of the car, eventually) because E loves her so much and we couldn’t imagine life without her! Definitely a must-have as those little toothy-pegs starts to push on baby gums!

vulli vulli giraffe leni

Dr. Brown’s 8oz bottles – Up until 3 months old we were using the 4oz bottles which were awesome for our little guzzler (she gulps down her milk!) but now that she’s bigger (actually she’s 4 months at the time of this post) and sometimes eating more than 4oz per feed, it’s so much easier to use big bottles! And something about these ones make her eat even slower which really helps with gas problems!


Baby books – This is such a fun age to read books with her. We’ve read to E since she was born but at this age she can actually focus and enjoy looking at the pictures. Her favorites are the Hello Animals & Hello Bugs black and white ones (babies love harsh contrast) and the ones with pictures of other babies.

animals bugs

Stroller – Since Baby E was born in the summer, it was honestly too hot (or too rainy!) to take her out very often so we have only started using the stroller regularly in the last month or so. She loves to be outside and intently watches and listens to everything! Not to mention getting her outside in the stroller helps to give her a good dose of vitamin D, which my doctor tells me is the only thing that’s slightly lacking in exclusively breastfed babies. Since I don’t want to give her anything other than breastmilk (such as vitamin D drops), we try and get her in natural sunlight as much as possible. We have the EvenFlo Featherlite Stroller/Carseat combo and absolutely love it!

Baby Banz – These are a must-have for my family specifically, and you can see my product review for these awesome earmuffs here.

Boppy Pillow – We had been using our boppy exclusively for nursing up until she hit about 3 months, and now it has an additional use: to help her practice sitting up! She loves being tucked into it’s U-shaped padding and playing with a block or chewing on her Sophie Giraffe. Super cute, and useful if I need to pump but she’s still awake. She’s usually content to sit there on the bed while I’m busy!

Sleep sacks – See my post on sleep sacks here.

Car mirror – This has been a must-have since day 1, but somehow it got left off of the Newborn list! I absolutely love the fact that I don’t have to turn all the way around when I’m driving to check on the baby. Just one glance in the mirror and I can see everything – I can see if she’s fussing because something’s wrong or if it’s just because she’s sleepy, I can see if she’s awake or asleep – everything! A handy feature on ours (Brica Day & Night Light Mirror) is the remote control that I keep up front with me which switches on music (quite pleasant music too!) or a light so I can see her in the dark. Rather over the top (or so I thought, before I had her) but so handy.


Fisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo & Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies/Lights Deluxe Gym – These two items have provided SO much entertainment for Baby E and provided some good time for Mama to do housework/pump milk too! My grandfather bought them both for us and now that she’s older it is such a delight to see how much fun she has. The gym/playmat is great for her to roll around on and the Jumparoo helps her to strengthen her legs and learn about cause and effect (among other things). We have a very active baby so it’s nice to get some of that energy out! A definite must-have in my book!

1384321_10151667432281080_942066655_n jumparoo playmat

Must-Haves – 3 Months Old!

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