CrockPot Thai Red Curry

This recipe is DELICIOUS, has just enough of a kick to it, and can be used as either a soup or curry with rice. It is packed with flavor, ridiculously easy to make, and is the ultimate form of comfort food on a blustery evening! I found the original recipe on Foodie Crush, but adapted it slightly, so here’s my version:

thai curry

2 tbsp red curry paste (I found this in the international aisle at my usual grocery store. I thought it would be in a jar but it was in a little box)

2 x 12oz cans unsweetened coconut milk

2 cups chicken stock (instead of buying the cartons/cans, I usually just use chicken bouillon cubes & hot water)

2 tbsp soy sauce (I freshened it up after a few hours with a splash more of this)

2 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp peanut butter (I used the smooth kind, but I bet crunchy peanut butter would add a nice texture. Don’t freak out because this has peanut butter in it – it is just to balance out the other flavors, it’s not a feature flavor of the dish)

+/- 4 large chicken breasts (depending on how many people you’re serving), cut into chunks

1 red bell pepper, sliced into slivers

1 onion, thinly sliced into slivers

2 tbsp minced ginger (I minced mine by hand, using this tutorial – the trick about peeling it with a spoon blew my mind!)

1 cup frozen peas

The juice of one lime

Cilantro for garnish (this adds ALOT – don’t skip it!)

Cooked basmati rice if you’re using it as a curry

–  Whisk the curry paste, coconut milk, chicken stock, soy sauce, brown sugar and peanut butter together in the CrockPot. Add the chicken, pepper, onion, and minced ginger then put the lid on and let it stew on high for about 4 hours (I turned mine to low halfway through as my CrockPot runs pretty hot). 

After around 4 hours add in the peas and half the lime juice. Cook for about another 20 minutes. Stir in the other half of the lime juice, and serve garnished with chopped cilantro (and white rice if you want it). Enjoy!

CrockPot Thai Red Curry

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