Baby Led Weaning – An Update

I’m sorry I’ve been somewhat inactive in the last week or two, life has been crazy! Baby E cut her first top tooth (although it’s not all the way in yet) and we have been running around with a clingy baby who’s not super keen on sleeping through the night.

Lately I have been giving Eleni things off my plate, as planned, provided that they are not super salty/sugary. She has enjoyed chewing on pieces of chicken and she is still in love with chewy crusts from pizza or bread. I made homemade oven fries (more like potato wedges really) the other night and she loved chewing on those. I didn’t bake them with much salt to begin with, but before I gave one to her I still tried to rub off as much as I could. Tonight we’re having creamy chicken curry with apples in it so I’d love to see her try some curried apple chunks!

Last night we bought some salt-free adult rice cakes (I like that I can break off  longer chunks of these – the little round baby ones I can promise you would be put in whole and get stuck) and this morning when we gave her a piece of one she absolutely loved it! I was surprised, because they are super bland and so far Eleni has loved curry flavors, garlic, tomatoes etc! Maybe it’s a texture thing, who knows. I would love to try spreading something like avocado on a rice cake to see how she’d do with that. There was some gagging, but my husband was right there with her and she did well eventually. I hate the gagging. That’s been the hardest part of Baby Led Weaning for us (even though she still would gag with the purees I was trying to feed her before) – she starts shaking her hands, her eyes water and she gags – I hate it!!! Gagging aside though, I think we’re doing pretty well, I’m just at the stage where it feels like she’ll never eat enough food to be able to wean her completely off of breastmilk and while I know that’s just a stage, I feel like it’s going to last forever!

I will try and update some more when we try new foods/snacks or if we have a major breakthrough!

Baby Led Weaning – An Update

2 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning – An Update

  1. Sarah says:

    G will only eat proper food now. She shakes her head and blows raspberries at purée! She will eat everything. We only have a few rare gagging moments. She eats so well now and chews her food even though she has no teeth. She has brioche for breakfast and loves avocado, fish, pizza crust, carrot, courgette the list goes on. It’s a little tricky though as she doesn’t like chicken! But funnily enough I didn’t when I was pregnant with her!

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