God, My God

I wrote this out this morning, and for some reason felt led to post it on my blog. My prayer is that it encourages you to learn more of who God is, and to speak over whatever you’re facing in faith that He will enable you to overcome your obstacles, to claim victory over your battles, to experience freedom from your strongholds and to inspire faith and action in what He’s calling you to do. God is a good God, He won’t let you fall.

God, my God, I KNOW that You are faithful. I KNOW that we are following the plan that You have laid out for us. This is why I KNOW that You will provide for our every need. We will not fall behind on our bills, we will honor our commitments to pay off our debts, we will not be anxious but we will wait in anticipation and with excitement for You to move. I KNOW that You will provide, I KNOW that You will come through for us. I KNOW that Your faithfulness does not depend on my works or on my perfection. I KNOW that You love me despite my weak faith and multiple shortcomings. You are a GOOD GOD and Your promises You will keep. You are the UNMATCHED KING in every area – Your generosity and desire to bless us are vast, Your faithfulness has no expiration date, Your grace and mercy are limitless. You own everything because You created it all. MY GOD, WHO CAN MATCH YOU? You are the UNMATCHED KING and You are for us, not against us. You are on our side and You will not let us fall. You will hold us up. You will sustain us. You are worthy of every praise that is within us and more.

God, My God

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