My Mama’s Caramel Delights


It seems that I’ve caused somewhat of a stir with these sweet treats! Everyone and their Great Aunt is asking for this recipe, so here it is. My Mom has been making these for as long as I can remember, and I even remember her having to hide them and ration them out to us four children and my Dad! Of course the beauty is that now I’m a grown up and I can have as many as I want, whenever I want 😉 I do apologize to those who have asked for this recipe, it’s taken me a little while to put this up because all my Mom’s measurements were British, so I had to convert them for you!


4oz soft margarine (these English recipes are the only time I ever use marg, but my friend did make these with real butter a few days ago and said they taste just as good, so feel free to use butter instead!)

1/4 cup superfine granulated sugar

1 cup self rising flour


4oz soft margarine

1/2 cup superfine granulated sugar

2 tbsp golden syrup (this is usually imported from England, I found Lyle’s Golden Syrup in a random section of my local, small-town grocery store. It was about $4, but it keeps for a long time and you only use 2 tbsp at a time, so I see it as a worthy investment)

1 tin (14.5oz) sweetened condensed milk


2 x 3.5oz Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate (you could probably use Ghirardelli if you can’t find Cadbury’s, but I’d never recommend using Hershey’s chocolate. This needs to be nice and creamy, good quality chocolate)


– SHORTBREAD BASE: Preheat your oven to 350F and line a 9x9in square tin with parchment paper. Cream the margarine and sugar together with an electric mixer, and then fold in the flour. Mix well! The mixture will be crumbly since it’s shortbread. Pour into your square tin and pat down lightly with the back of a metal spoon. Bake for 20 minutes until nice and golden brown.

– CARAMEL MIDDLE LAYER: Put all the ingredients in a medium-sized saucepan and very gently bring to a boil. Boil gently for 6-7 minutes, stirring all the time, until it becomes a nice brown, caramel color. When brown, pour over your baked shortbread (still in the 9×9 tin) and leave to cool.

– CHOCOLATE: Break up the chocolate into a microwave safe bowl and microwave in 15 second intervals, stirring every time, until nice and creamy. Pour over the shortbread and caramel layers, and allow to harden and cool.

Once nice and cool (I usually put mine in the fridge because I’m impatient!) slice into about 20 or so squares. Store in an airtight cookie tin or tupperware. We’ve been storing ours in the fridge because I like cold chocolate, but you don’t have to. I’d tell you how long these keep, but I honestly don’t know because for as long as I’ve been eating them (pretty much as long as I’ve been alive), they’ve always disappeared too quickly. Enjoy these yummy treats with a nice cup of coffee, or as I like to do, a cup of good English tea.



My Mama’s Caramel Delights

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